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Toyota issues 3 separate recalls

Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014   

Toyota Motor Corp. issued a recall on May 22 of 516,000 vehicles around the world for three separate vehicle safety issues, FOX WBRC reported.

According to officials from Toyota, there is a possibility that road salt, used in icy conditions that occur in cold climates, can cause corrosion of the spare tire carrier under the vehicle. This could dislodge the tire from its position. Toyota said that although splash protector and anti-corrosion treatment were applied to the vehicles, rusting can still occur. The recall was for 450,000 Sienna minivans of the 2004-2011 model years, which included 370,000 minivans sold in the United States, 80,000 in Canada, and 400 in Europe.

Toyota also recalled 16,000 Lexus GS 250 and 350 sedans of the 2013 model year due to a brake light malfunction that can cause the brakes or brake lights to turn on without the driver’s guidance. Lastly, 50,000 2014 Highlander and Highlander hybrid SUVs were recalled due to airbag deployment issues.

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