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Tire blow outs proving fatal to uninformed drivers

Posted on Thursday, November 20th, 2014   

Many drivers are completely unaware of the condition that their tires are in or how to examine this. Tires in poor condition are, unfortunately, at high risk for blowing out, a roadway emergency that can be fatal if a driver doesn’t handle the situation properly. If a driver is traveling at high speeds and has a tire blow out, they are instantly thrown into one of the most dangerous and deadly situations a driver can face. In fact, around 535 people die each year in the 2,000 tire blow out accidents that occur annually.

However, what is more concerning is how uninformed drivers are when it comes to safely responding to a tire blow out. A driver’s natural instinct is often to slam on the brakes and jerk the steering wheel, which can quickly lead to a devastating accident.

In order to safely handle a front tire blow out, a driver should focus on maintaining their speed, keeping a solid grip on the wheel, steering in the direction of the failed tire, and then braking once they have stabilized the car. Once the car is stabilized, the driver should pull to the side of the road when it is safe to do so.

In order to avoid these dangerous accidents, however, drivers are encouraged to take all available precautions to prevent a blow out in the first place. As such, drivers are encouraged to replace tires when they become worn or are too old, and should make sure to always maintain safe tire pressure.

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