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Possible defective guardrails spread all over Nashville

Posted on Monday, December 22nd, 2014   

Mark Macy, the man in charge of making sure streets in Nashville, Tennessee are safe, said the city administration is worried that guardrails found along roads across the state are defective, as they were made by Plano, Texas-based Trinity Industries, Inc., the company that has been sued for building defective guardrails, WSMV reported on December 2.

Macy knows about the federal government’s investigation into Trinity’s guardrails and the rumors that these guardrails can impale people inside the vehicles during a crash. He and other city officials are concerned that these guardrails would not safely deflect the impact of a crash the way they were designed to, resulting in the undue harm of Nashville residents.

Trinity Industries is facing a ton of lawsuits regarding this matter, one of them involving the death of an east Tennessee woman who lost her life five hours after a guardrail impaled her during a crash, causing her to bleed out from massive internal injuries.

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