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Stair collapse incidents can be seriously damaging, as the sudden collapse of the object beneath you is likely to catch you off guard and unable to protect your own fall. Significant injuries can result from accidents like this, but you should not be held responsible for any resulting costs. Many stair collapse accidents happen because negligent property owners in Tennessee don’t take responsibility for their properties and fail to maintain or repair staircases.

The Tennessee stair collapse attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP, believe that property owners should be held fully accountable for any injuries or damages sustained in an accident like this. Our legal team can help you discuss the legal options best for your case, including the possible pursuit of financial compensation from those responsible.

Causes of Stair Collapse

Stair collapse is extremely dangerous and, in most cases, entirely preventable. These accidents often occur because a property owner was somehow negligent in the construction or maintenance of the staircase in question. Among the common causes of stair collapses in Tennessee are:

  • Failure to build to safety code
  • Failure to replace / repair worn parts
  • Allowance of overcrowding stair
  • Failure to perform regular maintenance

All of these actions could constitute negligence on the part of a property owner and could put innocent people at risk for serious injury. Fortunately, an experienced Tennessee premises liability attorney may be able to help you fight for financial compensation if a property owner is implicated in your injury.

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If you or someone you care about has suffered injury due to a stair collapse, you might be eligible for financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Speak with the Tennessee stair collapse attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP, today by calling our offices at 615-277-2765, and learn more about your legal options during this difficult time.

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