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Pilots undergo intensive training to earn their positions, as they are responsible for the lives of all those aboard their plane. While many pilots in Tennessee take their responsibilities very seriously, some commit errors that result in crashes and injuries or even deaths. But families of loved ones who are victims of pilot error may be entitled to receive financial compensation, as the attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP can tell you.

Examples of Pilot Error

Pilots can utilize auto-pilot for a lot of flying these days, but they still have important responsibilities while they’re on board, such as regularly monitoring the flight and checking for any potential problems that could lead to an accident if not remedied. Some examples of pilot error include:

  • Disregarding dangers of inclement weather
  • Flying too closely to other aircrafts
  • Failing / misjudging landing / take off
  • Not communicating with air traffic control
  • Not checking mechanical operations

These examples show situations where a pilot’s error or negligence might be implicated in an aviation accident, and an experienced personal injury attorney can help you know what your legal options are in hold a pilot responsible for a family member’s death or injury.

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