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Japanese Manufacturer Takata Caught in Cover Up

Posted on Monday, November 10th, 2014   

In November 2008, the first round of recalls involving vehicles equipped with certain airbags manufactured by Takata were issued due to concerns over defective airbags. When the recall was announced, the company cited studies from 2008 that showed the risk of defective airbags in certain vehicles.

Now, former Takata employees have stepped forward to disclose that the company actually completed secret tests in 2004 when the first reports of rupturing airbags occurred. According to these former employees, secret tests were ordered by Takata executives and conducted after official business hours and on weekends. These initial tests indicated that the steel inflaters in the airbags cracked upon impact and could allow the airbags to release dangerous debris. Despite this, the former workers now state that the executives ordered the test results to be thrown out and erased from company records.

These defective airbags have been the cause of over 130 injuries and four deaths. Takata will likely face legal action from those who were injured by the airbags prior to the recall.

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