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GM ignition switches ordered months before recall

Posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014   

According to revealing e-mails that will likely affect court proceedings against the company, General Motors Co. (GM) issued an urgent order of ignition switches for replacement in certain vehicle models in December 2013—months prior to its massive February recall, the Wall Street Journal reported on November 10.

The e-mails were sent on December 18 between GM and Delphi Automotive PLC, the company that supplied the switches, and they asked for quick shipment of 500,000 ignition switches. A GM executive meeting had occurred the day before these e-mails were sent. An investigative report paid for by GM, however, previously claimed that a recall had not been decided on at that point.

Trials for those pursuing losses from GM in relation to the potentially fatal ignition switch defect will begin in January 2016. Although GM spokesman Alan Adler stated it was never deemed necessary to disclose the December ignition switch order, the e-mails will likely be used in court to question the company’s actions prior to the recall and their transparency in the aftermath.

Delphi was asked to produce the e-mails in regards to a court case in New York.

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