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Signs Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

All too often, people involved in accidents run into trouble when they call upon their insurance company to make good on their promise of coverage. After faithfully paying monthly premiums, we expect our insurance companies to fight for us. Unfortunately, the reality is that an insurance company will go to great lengths to avoid paying out a policyholder. These deceptive practices can include anything from making an unfairly low offer to unreasonably demanding irrelevant evidence to delay an investigation. This bad faith occurs because insurance companies are a business, and paying the fair amount for a claim does not make the company any money. False guarantees of coverage can be especially disheartening for accident victims who call upon their insurance companies in their hour of need and are subsequently denied, dismissed, or offered low settlements.

Following an accident, bad faith insurance can lead to a policyholder paying out-of-pocket medical expenses. These expenses can increase the financial burden if there is a recovery period during which the victim of an accident cannot work. Insurance companies have a contractual obligation to honor the terms of their policy agreements and employ good faith methods of paying out claims. If you feel your insurance company is not being straightforward with your claim or is delaying a settlement offer, they may be operating in bad faith.

Signs of Bad Faith Insurance

While it can be impossible to know when your insurance company is being deceptive until you actually have to file a claim, you can look for the common signs of an insurance company that refuses to honor your policy. Bad faith practices can include:

  • Making multiple demands for documentation
  • An investigation is delayed for no valid reason
  • A settlement is offered too quickly
  • An insurer pressures you into accepting a settlement by insisting it’s the “best offer you will get”
  • An insurer is hard to reach or doesn’t communicate with you often
  • An insurer doesn’t acknowledge evidence you’ve submitted
  • You have a valid claim and it is denied
  • Your policy is unexpectedly cancelled

It is important to note that you shouldn’t accept a denial or low settlement offer until you have consulted with an attorney. Skilled counsel will help you determine whether an insurance company is being genuine or simply trying to weasel out of providing coverage.

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