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Problems with Insurance Claims

If you have diligently paid into your insurance plan, you should be able to count on the insurance company to cover your costs in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, many Tennessee accident victims are unable to do so because an insurance company is refusing to honor their claim. Insurance claims disputes arise for multiple reasons, and can be frustrating for people who are depending on insurance money.

At Pohl & Berk, LLP, our personal injury attorneys can fight back against these insurance companies and might be able to get Norfolk residents the benefits they need after an accident.

Fight Against These Insurance Company Behaviors

There are many reasons that people pursue legal action against insurance companies for failing to honor their obligations. The following are reasons that individuals pursue bad faith insurance companies:

  • Deceptive practices / advertising
  • Failure to investigate claim fully
  • Ignoring a claim
  • Unreasonable denial of claim
  • Failure to provide promised coverage

Dealing with a recalcitrant or dishonest insurance company that practices any of the above behaviors can be immensely stressful, but Tennessee residents do not have to do this without help.

Contact an Insurance Claims Lawyer in Tennessee

If you have been victimized in an accident and are having problems getting the coverage you think you deserve from your insurance company, an experienced insurance claims lawyer might be able to help you fight back. Contact the attorneys at Pohl & Berk, LLP, by calling 615-277-2765 today to reach our Tennessee offices, and we can speak with you about your legal options.

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