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Hit and Run Accidents

Any type of car accident can be stressful and even devastating. However, hit and run accidents can be particularly infuriating as the party responsible for the crash attempts to flee the scene. In the state of Tennessee, an individual is required by law to stop his or her vehicle after an accident occurs. If the individual fails to do so, he or she is then committing a hit and run. If an individual is found guilty of a hit and run, the corresponding punishment may vary according to the severity of the crash. He or she could be required to pay various fines, spend time in jail, or both.

Duty to Stop

According to Tennessee traffic law, all parties involved in a car accident are obligated to do three things:

  1. Stop your vehicle immediately and return to the scene of the accident,
  2. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver, and
  3. Wait for appropriate authorities to get to the scene.

In addition to these requirements, if any individual is injured in the accident you are expected to do anything you can to assist the injured party. This act is called providing reasonable assistance, and most actions taken with the intention of assisting a victim of the accident qualify. However, individuals are not expected to put themselves in danger in order to fulfill reasonable assistance.

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