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3 Categories of Distracted Driving

With today’s increasing dependence on technology and innovative updates to vehicles coming out every year, distracted driving is fast becoming one of the most dangerous causes of accidents across the U.S. In Tennessee, many innocent drivers fall victim to distracted drivers and suffer serious injuries. The attorneys of Pohl & Berk, LLP believe it’s important for every driver to be aware of distracted driving behaviors in order to encourage safe driving practices.

Primary Distracted Driving Categories

There are many individual behaviors that constitute distracted driving, but they all typically fall into one of three main categories. These categories include:

  • Cognitive Distraction – thoughts are not on driving
  • Visual Distraction – eyes are not on the road / driving tasks at hand
  • Manual Distraction – hands are not on the steering wheel

Each of these categories of distraction is an extremely dangerous driving behavior, and all three cover the various individual actions that often lead to serious car accidents. Victims of distracted driving may be able to pursue compensation for damages from the reckless driver with the help of a Tennessee car accident attorney.

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